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Blog Makeover for

PostDF is an online magazine that promotes ideas, places, services and people from Distrito Federal (Mexico). According to Oliver Reyes, the founder, the site should serves as a practical guide of events like night parties, shows and local news from Distrito Federal.
It was a pleasure working with the team behind PostDF, they certainly know what they want and that makes our works easier. We made them a simple, magazine-like logo and install Facebook share thumbnail. Read below for the testimonial, you can find the full testimonial in the comment section of this post as well. ;)
First I found their blog quite attactive so I decided to contact them and request information about their services. Since the first e mail I received I noticed these guys knew what they were talking about. They got the general idea of how I wanted my blog to look like right away.... they ¨walk the extra mile¨, they suggested features that definitely would make PostDF more attractive. I will delegate all maintenance and additional features to these guys in the very near future. I am quite satisfied with their services and I truly encourage you to contact these guys if you are looking for fresh solutions and a real Makeover! - Oliver Reyes, Founder of


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