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Blog Makeover for

Think that you can type? Join this competition organized by TAC and JCI Mines. Speed Typing Contest aims to break Malaysia Book of Records for the fastest typist. Check them out.
In the spirit of giving back to the society, we helped them to create this website. Lots of effort was put in by our team (yes, some of us work overtime) to complete this project given a short timeframe. Please read their testimonial below.
Quick, reliable and friendly shall be the few words to describe BlogMakeOver especially Jason, and of course the team. The masterpiece we received after a few times of information passing and confirmation. We get more than what we expected!! They really putting themselves into our shoes, solving the problems and doing exactly from our side of view. BlogMakeOver will be our first choice in any web development in the future as it's extremely easy to use! - Jay Chong Yen Jye, Founder of TAC.


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