Why Use Blogger for Small Business Website

Why use Blogger for business website

Blogger is popular, user friendly, reliable, and is the most affordable option for small businesses owners with limited budget.

  • Proven Solution: Blogger is a proven solution to share content online. 1 million users and over 400 million active readers can't be wront.
  • The right Tools: Blogger has just the right tools to update our website content, upload photos, videos and engage our fans throught social media networks.
  • Reliable: Blogger has zero downtime recording in 2010, reported by ping.com
  • Free CDN: Leveraging on Blogger CDN, our website can be serve faster, tested by webpagetest.org
  • Free Server Hosting: Blogger is free to use and the web hostig is free. Dubbed as the most affordable options for small business to go online.
Why we use Blogger as small business website. Because Blogger is Popular, User Friendly, Reliable and Affordable.

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